LYNCA-PCS (Punch Control System)

LYNCA-PPC15T (Low Power Consumption Industrial Panel PC)

LYNCA-RMC-B1 (CanOpen Remote I/O module)

LYNCA-VA6 (Hydraulic Valve CanOpen Remote I/O module)


LYNCA-CNC is a Control System which developed with “open system” architecture that makes it possible to apply it to any type of machines.

Several axes and input/outputs can be defined and controlled via NC program easily.

Lynca Control System is an ideal solution for machines that requires a customized CNC and HMI solution.

LYNCA-CNC controls both hydraulic and electrical drives.

Software and hardware of the LYNCA-CNC Control System is developed by Bilko Computer Control and Automation Co (Istanbul) and TUNCELLI CCS (Switzerland). 

Hardware details...



LYNCA-PCS (Punch Control System)

LYNCA-PCS is a CNC Control System specialized for Punch Press Machines.
There are three types of implementation for punching machines.
Standard Models
    - Fix head punching machines
Rotational Models
    - Punching machines with rotational head
Turret Models
    - Punching machines with turret head




LYNCA-PPC15T (Low Power Consumption Industrial Panel PC)

Main Characteristics :

·           Industrial grade 15” LED TFT color screen,

·           Resistive touch screen with protection,

·           1.6 GHz or higher Intel Atom ® processor,

·           A fully Industrial grade fanless motherboard,

·           1 GB RAM (up to 2GHz),

·           2.5” HDD, (SSD or Compact Flash optional),

·           1 x PCI expansion,

·           1 x Mini-PCIe expansion,

·           1 x USB 2.0 port on front panel,

·           DC12V or AC220V industrial grade power supply,

·           Programmable Watchdog Timer (1-255 sec/min),

·           Low Power Consumption (40W full load),

·           0°..50°C operating temperature range.

Typical application areas :

·           SCADA monitoring PC’s,

·           CNC control units,

·           Real-time data acquisition systems,

·           Intelligent display panels,

·           Presentation PC’s,

·           Interactive info panels,

·           Any other application demanding human

interface, real-time processing and displays.




LYNCA-RMC-B1 (CanOpen Remote I/O module)

General Properties


LYNCA-RMC-B1 is a general purpose remote I/O module that is used as a remote I/O module for various applications such as the I/O interface module of a CNC controller, the I/O extension module of an RTU, or simply as a remote RF data signal transmission unit.   


LYNCA-RMC-B1 provides the following I/O resources:

  • 2 x independent CanBus Port
  • 1 x RS-232 / RS-485 Modbus
  • 32 x Digital Input
  • 32 x Digital Output with status leds
  • 6 x Analog Inputs
  • 5 x Analog Outputs




LYNCA-VA6 (Hydraulic Valve CanOpen Remote I/O module)

VA6 is a multichannel Voltage/Current amplifier module designed to drive hydraulic valve coils (up to 4A).

VA6 has 2 versions:

  • VA6-S is the standard amplifier module without feedback. The board is behaving as a linear Voltage/ Current amplifier.
  • VA6-F is equipped with a feedback mechanism controlling the valve with an LVDT signal input.