LYNCA-PCS (Punch Control System) 

LYNCA-PCS has all the features of LYNCA CNC with some specific functions and user interfaces. Here is the custom pages/functions of LYNCA-PCS.

1 - Tool Programming

Lynca CNC has an integrated tool editor. 
  • Comprehensive tool editor and tool management
  • Tool set definitions
  • Tool usage statistics

2 - Part Programming

There are 4 ways of part programming.  For detail information about "ISO Code Editor" page, please refer to "Lynca Open CNC" section.

2.1 – Part Editor
The pattern based Visual Code Editor is an easy way of programming parts. Punching sequences are formed using available patterns. Then, NC Code is generated automatically in an optimized way, taking also care of “Clamp Repositionings” to process the whole sheet surface in a faster way. DXF formatted 2D parts can be imported from CAD programs like Autocad, LynCad  etc.
2.2 - LYNCA-WIN-PE Offline Visual 2D CAD Part Editor
LYNCA-Win-PE is an optional software package providing an offline version of the 2D Visual Part Editor running on Windows XP environment. LYNCA-WIN-PE allows programmers to prepare their parts in office environment and download the resulting code to the machine using Ethernet or USB memories. DXF formatted 2D parts can be imported from CAD programs like Autocad , LynCad  etc.
2.3 - Support of external CAD/ CAM Software
Most advanced way to create a part is using an external CAD / CAM solution. Supported external CAD / CAM software are:
  • Metalix cncKad ( v7.2 or higher )
  • Lantek
  • Lyncad

3 – Part Process Viewing and Simulation

During the part process, axes, head positions and  punches can be viewed simultaneously. Even if the machine is offline, Lynca software can simulate the part processing.

4– Part Production Report

Production results are reported in a production report including :
  • Part info
  • Production statistics
  • Tool configuration and usage information
  • Estimated part production time