Lynca Open CNC - Software Architecture

1 - “Open" Technology

  LYNCA-CNC provides an opening at 3 levels :
  • Motion control, with extended ISO code editor and Cycle implementation possibilities in C language,
  • Logic Control, with C libraries accessing to whole axis ressources,
  • HMI interface, with libraries supporting the plug-in adapters.
Using LYNCA-CNC's open technology, it becomes very easy to control a special machine.


2 - Code Editor and Debugger with Simulation mode

Part programs can be prepared with NC ISO codes. Interactive help and syntax check make it easier to create a part. Editor functions such as copy, cut, paste, compile etc are supplied.

With Parallel cycle support, external axes movement and mechanisms (e.g. sheet loader) can be controlled synchronously.

Using the Program Debugger with pause, breakpoint and part resume facilities it's very easy to execute the program under operator's control step by step.  Debugger allows a powerful data analysis. Variables and parameters can be displayed and modified on-line.

3 - Internal Oscilloscope

  • 8 channels of data including axes values and machine IO can be recorded during run time,
  • Pre-Trigger functionality,
  • Data set management,
  • Zoom functionality.

4 - Message Journal and Activity logger

  • Displaying warning, error or information messages with time tags and user information.
  • Every single operation like code loading, running is traced with time stamp.
  • Last 5000 messages are stored.
  • Messages can be filtered according to their types.

5 - User Management and Acces Levels

There are three access levels:
  • Operator
  • Programmer
  • Technical

With User Management system, there can be 9 different user levels:

  • 3 CNC manufacturer (Bilko) (R&D, service, distributor)
  • 3 Machine Manufacturers, (Management, Distributor, Technical Service)
  • 3 End User Clients (Management, Technical Manager, Production



6 - Transfer / Backup Options

Part programs and tools may be transferred from PC to CNC environment. The transfer action may consider complete part data including all the tools used to realize the part. Programs, tools and machine data (parameters, messages) can be also individually backed-up/restored via USB memory stick or Ethernet.                      



7 - Manual Control

X-Y axes can be manually moved along the desired distances. Length of the movement can be selected as Absolute, Incremental or Jog.

8 - Soft PLC Support

The system includes a software PLC module which can be easily 

programmed by machine manufacturer. C Programming language is used to programming PLC.  PLC programs can be easily developed on the CNC. 

Here is the PLC Editor interface which has got many capabilities for debugging and developing code.


10 - Ofline Programming with LYNCA-WIN

LYNCA-WIN is the optional offline programming software package of LYNCA-CNC running on any PC. LYNCA-WIN provides the same programming and simulation facilities as on a LYNCA-CNC. Parts are transfered to the CNC with TCP/IP Ethernet or with a simple USB stick.     


11 - Other Features

  • Multi-language support for user interface
  • Soft keyboard from touch screen
  • 5 direct program call keys on front panel, to call favorite programs
  • Remote access and remote update facilities
  • Complete System Installation from a USB memory stick.