LYNCA-CNC represents an ideal solution for machines that require customized solutions.
For OEM applications, LYNCA CNC has all the necessary interfaces to create very quickly specific user interface pages and functionalities. 
LYNCA CNC is able to control various machines demanding
speed, specific interpolation, including hydraulic and electrical drives.

LYNCA-PCS is the version of the LYNCA-CNC applied to the punch presses. LYNCA-PCS controls punch presses having fixed, rotational or turret type tool heads. In addition, with many specific user interfaces, LYNCA-PCS offers CAD/CAM programming advantages with the built-in specific 2D tool, multi-tool and part editors. Thanks to the integrated simulation and optimization functions -that run also off-line in a remote PC- it becomes very easy to manage the creation and the production of parts directly from the LYNCA-PCS environment.

LYNCA-PCS has also advanced 2D visualization tools for the display of running productions.


LYNCA CNC Control System supports parallel cycle executions. It is developed with 'open system' architecture that makes it possible to apply this control system  to multi station machines with several axes and input/outputs, including the loading, parallel machining and unloading system’s simultaneous control.

Both software and hardware of LYNCA CNC Control System has been developed together with Bilko Automation Company (Istanbul) and T U N C E L L I   C C S (Switzerland).

Lynca Presentation Video

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