Founded in 1986, Bilko is specialized in the development of industrial hardware and software products involving real-time supervision and control. Bilko provides hydraulically or electrically driven motion and logic control solutions for industrial machines and processes. In this domain, together with TUNCELLI CCS (Switzerland) Bilko developed  the LYNCA CNC (www.lynca.com) that is able to control various machines demanding specific control units like a punch press or a PVC windows frame machines.. 

Since many years, Bilko has been representing in Turkey the CYBELEC ® Company specialized in the CNC control of sheet metal working machines like press brakes and shares. Thanks to its large experience of sheet metal domain, today, Bilko proposes to sheet metal workshops, CAD/CAM solutions with SpaceClaimSMOPlus and nesting optimization software solutions with its own LyNEST family products. Bilko makes also retrofit of old machines (shares, press brakes, punch presses), as well as service and maintenance of CYBELEC ® CNC control units.
Another activity area of Bilko concerns the tooling and grippers to manipulate sheet metals or other material with robots. In this domain Bilko represents the AMG SA Company (Fr) specialized in robotic tooling and precise machining. Bilko proposes also vacuum cups, pneumatic equipments with COVAL SA (Fr) and pneumatic sheet metal holding systems used in this area.

Besides, Bilko is also involved in telemetry and industrial RF data networks. Using it's own modular remote I/O modules, RMC series, and third party equipments, Bilko proposes turnkey RF networks solutions with UHF/VHF radio modems of SATEL OY, (Fi) including ComAnt (Fi) antennas, musts, solar and wind power supplies, as well as satellite communication systems with TSAT (No). Bilko sells also TBOX Remote Terminal Units of CSE Semaphore SA (Be).

Bilko's success is based on its strong technical background and its complete customer satisfaction oriented business understanding.